Steve Otis

I've been drawing since the age of three, I live in Québec city Canada and our cold winters were a great time to stay inside and draw and draw...and then draw some more! 

My earliest "art" featured dinosaurs fighting superheroes among other strange aliens and creatures. I  soon became a comic book addict ( Creepie and Eerie those great Warren mags) and at the age of 12, I saw my first Frazetta piece. The famous Conan painting standing on a pile of bodies. This image haunted  me and pushed more and more into the world of fantasy art especielly Frank Frazetta I devoured his art books. I discovered Boris, Corben and by the late 80's I came upon a body of work that just knocked me out, Slaine the Horned God by the one and only Simon Bisley.

I enrolled in art teaching at University level and started freelancing doing cover work for obscure canadian sci fi fanzines, some book and CD covers for local heavy metal acts. After my art degree, I worked as an art teacher in high school and did alot of storyboarding and design work for animated features for a local company and  illustration for Iron Crown's Lord of the Ring collectible card game.

I know basically paint for my own pleasure and spend alot of time being a dad and family man, but the spectre of the great Frazetta still appears and entices me to my easel. These pieces were done over a span of 10 years in hommage to a man who truly had a major influence on my artistic development.