Art for the Animals: A Benefit Art Show for Bats and Sloths

  Gallery Provocateur is hosting a fundraising art show for the Flying Fox Conservation Fund. 
  Flying Fox Conservation Fund founder and director Scott Heinrichs has worked more than fifteen years on the Sulawesi fruit bat conservation project which is dedicated to aiding endangered fruit bats of Indonesia. He has been written about by the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribrune, Chicago Tribune Magazine, , Chicago Parent Magazine, and Audubon magazine and has also written articles for BATS magazine.
  Flying Fox Fund is a 501c3 not for profit dedicated to the protection of Old World fruit bats and their habitat through conservation, education and research. Their goal is to save Old World fruit bat populations and their habitat with a non confrontational approach to reach solutions which benefits bats, peoples and ecosystems.
 Flying Fox Fund believes education is the greatest tool one can use to conserve fruit bat populations from decline. Teaching governments, forestry, wildlife personnel and the public the benefits of bats. Help them understand how fruit bats impact their daily lives. Research is essential for a better understand of fruit bat biology, behavior, and conservation needs.
rt for the Animals ~ Art Show for Bats & Sloths!
 When: April 2nd

 Details: Original art for auction with proceeds going to the Flying Fox Conservation Fund. A meet and greet with a fruit bat and sloth during the benefit!