Patrick Cornett

"Conan in Process"

My version of Conan titled "The siege of Aquilonia" which I posted on It also comes with the process which has a quick sketch where I wanted things placed, then on to a detailed sketch followed by a final rendering all in one.

Conan: The siege of Aquilonia

Between the time the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. Hither came Conan destined to bare the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. 

One of my all time favorite movies was Conan the Barbarian. It was such a powerful movie of revenge, and how a man who once was a slave became king. The movie made me want to know more about Conan, and how did he actually become King. I did some research and found out Conan became king of Aquilonia which was a large kingdom. I found out that Conan escaped imprisonment and staged a revolt against the tyrannical king Numedides. I love films, and I wished so badly for another good Conan movie but not a remake. Itís as if Hollywood left us fans in the dark, never getting to see Conan become king on film.

The illustration I made was always put down by art critics that reviewed my art portfolio. Iím actually surprised that this made it into the Frazetta tribute. I was told that everything was too centered and focused on Conan.  

With this Conan piece, I did my own take on the revolt against Aquilonia. I wanted to convey that Conan was not a dumb barbarian and was fully capable of leading an army and marching formations. I wanted to show that Conan was a leader.  

The illustration was done using Photoshop. Its original size is 24Ēx 11Ē and I also used Glenn Danzig as a reference for the face, but most people donít know that unless I tell them. 

I know Iím not a fantastic artist, and there is a lot to learn. Currently Iím focused on character development and trying to convey a story. I put everything Iíve got into it and consider myself an art student until I die.


Patrick has been drawing ever since he could pick up a pencil. Patrick grew up in the 1980ís and fell in love with the explosion of sci-fi and fantasy films that came out during those times. These films, mostly Conan the Barbarian, inspired Patrick to illustrate muscular heroes slaying their foes. Patrick also fell in love with video games and comic books during his childhood. 

Patrickís father was always supportive of Patrickís artistic side. His father introduced him to many classic artists to educate him. Nothing moved Patrick more than the works of Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and comic artists in the 1990ís. 

Later when Patrick was a teen, he was moved by the graffiti art movement in the 90ís. It was a wild and sometimes dangerous time. Like some teens, Patrick got into trouble and paid for it. The path Patrick was going down was only going to have him end up in jail or dead. Patrick decided to join the army as a young man. Patrick wanted to become a man of honor and also wanted to make up to his father for being troublesome teen. 

In Patrickís military career he would still draw and play video games on his free time. One day in Patrickís 3rd year of service, a fellow soldier told Patrick he should go to college to work in video games. Patrickís father always wanted him to go to college, but school was not for him. When Patrick came home from his last deployment, his father started dying. These were the saddest of days for Patrick.  

When Patrickís father passed away he was unsure what to do anymore until he met a lovely young lady. She had the same birthday as him, and was an art student for several years. She inspired Patrick to take his art more serious. Patrickís father once used a quote from the movie ďA Bronx TaleĒ that there is nothing sadder in life than wasted talent. Patrickís father was proud of him for joining the army, but he really wanted Patrick to go to college. Patrick remembered his father telling him that if Patrick truly wanted something he would get it. 

All Patrick really wanted was to make art, and if he can earn a living from something he loves heíll give it a shot. Patrick went to college for game art and design with his lovely new girlfriend. Patrick is currently in his last term of college and has dreams of working in the film and video game industry. Patrick is unsure of what life will be like in the future, but he knows that art will always be there paid or not.