Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon is a digital artist based in Nottingham, UK.
Drawing and painting was Matt's favourite way to spend his time from a very early age so when, at eight years old, he received his first computer ( a Commodore VIC-20 ) he quickly found ways to employ the machine as an artistic tool alongside his pens and pencils. More advanced technology brought a greater interest in the computer as a creative vehicle and by 1988, Matt had begun to produce art for videogames. This led to a long career in the games industry working as a production artist, concept designer and art lead during which time he was involved in a number of high profile game and movie licenses, including Crash Bandicoot, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spyro the Dragon and Harry Potter.
Now a successful freelancer, Matt continues his association with the videogames industry providing concept art for a variety of game studios in addition to providing illustration for print and digital media. Recent clients include Electronic Art, Hodder Children's Books, Sony Online Entertainment, Metal Hammer magazine, Wizards of the Coast and Blizzard Entertainment.