Frank Gressie


Here is my submission for the Frank Frazetta tribute! Been a fan for a
long time now, and as a self thaught artist he is a major influence! As
soon as i heard of this show i just needed to make something. I think
Frazetta's inks and pencils are his best! I hope you guys like this
drawing as i had making this piece.

friendly greetings,

Frank Gressie


ps. This was created in photoshop (digitally)

was born and raised in Rotterdam, 1984, the Netherlands. My father is an artist, and at a young age I too wanted to be an artist also. He had lots of art books around, and ofcourse some  books on the great Frank Frazetta. I have been drawing all my life, but went to a graphic design school in Rotterdam, got my diploma, only to find out that i didn't wanted to be a graphic designer. I wanted to be a artist! So that was 3 years ago, and i have been studying eversince to make it as an illustrator. So i'm still an student, and i don't have an impressive client list and story's (yet). Frank Frazetta is a true inspiration for me, and i can only hope that i can be half as successful as him!