Didier Normand


Didier Normand was born in France in 1960 and he has always liked to draw. In 1983 his fascination with fantasy illustration led him to painting—and to Frank Frazetta. Didier grew as a self-taught painter by studying and trying to reproduce Frazetta’s works. 

Then he began doing originals. A lot of them. A teacher by day, he is a painter at all other times, always saving time to paint. He usually paints on canvas, with rough pencils and oils. In 2000, he worked with a French writer on a comic project, and created all of the characters. Now he gets projects and cover commissions from his Myspace portfolio (http://www.myspace.com/didiernormand).  

Didier is passionate about fantasy illustrations. While Frazetta remains his main influence, he is also a big fan of Simon Bisley and Boris Vallejo art. Though he rarely uses models, if you’re interested, he participates in exhibitions in the south of France, and he’s always willing to entertain your proposals