Carlos Cara


Carlos was born in Almería (Spain) 26 years ago, victim of a childhood plagued of fantasy comics and old illustrations books he soon decided he wanted to be an artist. He went to Valencia (Spain) to study fine arts in San Carlos Faculty, but in the end he decided to study Paper Conservation in spite of painting. He managed to keep his drawing interests at bay for several years only to later pursue a career in fantasy illustration.  

Mostly working in the digital medium he decided to train himself in traditional art skills like oil painting or etching.   

In 2009 he won the “Diputación de Almería” comic-book contest and the “AVA International” comic-book contest too. 

In 2010 he was second in “Murex” Illustration contest. 

Currently he is working as a concept artist and illustrator for several small indie game companies and making his own line of fantasy etchings