The Art of Jorge Farfan

A professional illustrator and designer with over 25 years of experience, Jorge Farfan always had a natural creative ability. His accomplishments began at an early age, where he was awarded class artist from grade school through high school. During this time he also held his first solo art show. Graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology with honors, he was the inaugural recipient of the Fantasy Illustration Award. Approached by both Disney and Marvel while still at FIT, his love for the comics medium drove him to Marvel where he studied under Don Daley.
His curiosity with the workings of the creative process then led him through a variety of industries and disciplines, from graphic design and illustration to art directing and studio management. He has spent years mastering his craft, creating licensed character art, book covers, portraiture, storyboards, concept art and movie posters. He has been involved in projects for some of the leading advertising, comic and film companies including McCann, Grey, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Disney, Lucasfilm, Dreamworks, Universal and Saban. 
He is now shifting his focus to conceptual realism and fantasy art, working towards a synergistic union of the two disciplines. This is an exciting time for Jorge, as he enters the next phase of his creative journey.