The Art of Jeff Wack

Jeff Wack is a Los Angeles based artist/photographer.
This series of figurative work started 3 years ago as a "passion" or "labor of love." I've created time, in and around my other commissioned work, but feel that this is the highest realization of both my narrative and technical abilities as an artist.
My aim has been to depict the female figure in a stylized, beautiful and ethereal way evoking the energy of each woman.
For me the sensuous form of the female figure has ,and continues to be, a classic subject matter throughout the ages and has also inspired many legions of artists of all disciplines. In that sense I am no different then those who have gone before me.
The work itself is done digitally and is a combination of my photography and painting. All the models are shot in a small studio against a plain background. All the other background elements are added from my own photos , often of natural scenery.

Farmani Gallery/NYC XTO  July 09
Coningsby Gallery /London. Feb 09
 AEA/Uk "Enlightenment" exhibition/Milton Keynes,UK  Sept 09
 JLGallery    San Luis Obispo/Ca  July 09
Museum of Erotic Art/ Amsterdam Dec 09
Artshare  "Gallery Girls Show" Los Angeles  Dec 09
One man exhibition WEAM/Miami  Jan-Feb 2010
Dirty Show 11/ Detroit, Mi.  Feb 2010
Nude Nite /Orlando,Fl  Feb 2010
Personal Collections:
James Franco     Actor/Writer NYC
Steve Perry          Singer/Songwriter  LA, Ca.
Naomi Wilzig       Curator     Miami, Fl.
Jerry Peterson    Curator    Dertroit, MI
Bunny Yeager      Photographer  Miami, Fl.
Larry Flynt            Publisher   LA,Ca.

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