Woodrow J. Hinton III

When doing this piece I took the opportunity to really study what I loved about Frank’s work and try to incorporate some of that into my own especially in terms of composition and atmosphere. With the Frazetta tribute I am sure most artists will go to the Fire and Ice imagery of sexy damsels in distress or Death Dealer shoving a pike through twelve dude's anuses and there is not a darn thing wrong with that. Frank did that like no other, however I really like some of Frank's early comic stuff and his Movie Poster images that have a horror hi-jinx about them that can often be over-shadowed by his later oil images. While, my subject matter can be a little lighter, Frazetta's whole body of work has always been a major influence in the way I make art.

Woodrow J. Hinton III is an award-winning illustrator whose work has encompassed everything from editorial and advertising, role-playing games and concept art for film, to comics and graphic novel covers. He is best known for his horror and fantasy genre related work. 
He has been recognized annually by the Society for Professional Journalism and Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.

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This piece is a cover for Moonstone's Kolchak title.

The cover will be out later this year.

Here is the info on the cover: