Tracy Flynn

I have decided to go ahead and send in this image for the tribute as well, even though I did this in '09, I feel it is a good example of how Franks pencil work, and he was the MASTER of the pencil, and it is sometimes overshadowed by his paintings, and something we all forget, the pencil is where it all starts.

In all actuality, I will most likely be sending in a watercolor, as  well as an ink, since both those media are what I work in as well, and have also been influenced by the man, and I would love to cover all aspects of it.......he was not one dimensional.

The painting on the Black River, a Conan piece was is my original  concept and was to be my only oil painting submission, it is of   course oils on Tracy-nite and is 18" X 24". The Death Dealer piece 
sort of popped out one night while talking with a friend at a banquet dinner and had to be done, so I am submitting this as well. It also is  oils on Tracy-nite and is 16" X 20" which is also if I am not mistaken 
the same size as Franks original DD piece