Steven Jacques
"Fire Woman"

"Steven knows what Frank knows..."  Paul Hellard

When looking at Franks work, I often see his portrayal of the classic hero and heroine, or the damsel in distress.  I love his paintings that show the male hero saving, or protecting a female companion from certain danger. 
Picked by two judges in their top 5 selections.

Steven Jacques is an illustrator and concept artist.  He attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, focusing on animation and computer arts.  While at school he began interning  as a 3D animator/ modeler for a company called 3D Exchange.  

After he interned, and gained valuable experience working with industry veterans, Steven was hired by a production studio in Marin California called Proctor Light and Motion where he created concept art, 3d models, animations, and eventually became the Director Animation.   

Steven has worked with such clients as Lucas Arts, Intel, Atari, Coalescence Media, and others.  Currently freelancing and looking for new clients, Steven relocated to North Carolina to follow his dream of working in the video gaming industry, while providing a better life for his wife and family.        

Current aspirations:  ” To work at one of the triple A game studios in the North Carolina Triangle area. . .Secondly,  I would LOVE to work with Games Workshop  providing  art for their Warhammer 40k universe.”   

About being invited to show at Gallery Provocateur:

 “When Veronika informed me that my piece (Fire Woman Gown) was chosen to be included in the Frank Frazetta Tribute Show, I was thrilled!”  “ I've long been an admirer of Franks work, and to be on display at Gallery Provocateur with such talented artists, is an honor.” 

To see more of Steven's work you can visit his on line Gallery at click the view all button, or watch the slide show.