Steven Jacques

When looking at Franks work, I often see his portrayal of the classic hero and heroine, or the damsel in distress.  I love his paintings that show the male hero saving, or protecting a female companion from certain danger. 
My concept is to depict chivalry. . .a concept that is shown through many of Franks paintings.  More than a concept. . .I like the idea of chivalry, or it's ideal. . .a set of virtues, and values of how people "should" behave. . .I have tried to tap into that ideal in a way that I think would've made Frank smile.  I created an old school Sci Fi theme, depicting a spaceship that crash landed on a strange alien planet, with it's two crew members possibly stranded, and now taking their first steps to explore their new alien world.  The male hero senses danger and his immediate instinct is to protect his female companion, call it duty, honor, love . . .it is all those things. . .it is chivalry.