Simon Sherry

"The Dealing's Done"

Axe on his shoulder, the head of his last adversary in hand and striding off into the murky horizon of a desolate landscape, Frazetta's Death Dealer disappears out of frame, but, like his creator, he will never be forgotten.

Of the artists who I've followed and been inspired by over the years, Frank Frazetta would figure the most prominently. Powerful compositions, characters and landscapes carrying weight as well as energy have kept me engrossed in his work since childhood, with every revisit since bringing new surprises and lessons as my own knowledge and experience has grown.

This piece is both a salute and a thank you to a man who has given both myself and the artistic community as a whole such an amazing legacy. 

Simon Sherry Artist Biography 

Raised on a diet of Doctor Who, Tolkien, Dungeons & Dragons and comic books, Simon Sherry has been making monsters from the moment he could put a crayon to a flat surface. Combining elements of post-apocalyptic science-fantasy, post-human horror and a black sense of humour; Simon's work is preoccupied with notions of humankind's ability to determine the course of its own fate in the face of forces larger than itself. Using a combination of digital and traditional mediums, his work has been featured in several publications, most notably the covers of Australian horror anthology Something Wicked and the follow-up series Something Weird. 

Notable recent projects include the Full Deck series of character designs interpreting the four card suits, the Game of Kings collaborative art project, depicting the game of chess played out as a battle between cosmic forces, and the Killbot series of Rorsharch-inspired robot designs. When he is not dragging monstrous visions out of his mind and onto the screen, Simon likes to relax with his wife and children in the outer south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.