Scott Flanders

"Blood Reavers"

Much of my work tends towards a theme of expression of emotions and qualities which I perceive as truths which are significant within the human condition and experience.  I often employ elements of fantastic or archetypal imagery as a means to communicate these ideas, most notably through the visage of the hero or warrior, whose struggle to attain peace within his own soul and within his world are defining elements of the human experience, and through the beast or monster, whose impulsive nature often leads him down a path of confusion, misunderstanding, frustration, and eventually violence and self destruction.

It is the difference in the choices made within the life of the hero which define him as separate from the beast.  It is the hero'92s cultivation of self control, his longing for and pursuit of peace, and his commitment to self actualization and to the lives of others, which separate him from the monster, whose inability or refusal to face his own inner ugliness twists him into a creature consumed by insatiable lusts, rage, hatred, loneliness and despair.  It is this difference in choice which leads these two passionate beings down a path towards inevitable confrontation, both within the realm of classical & epic narratives and deep within the human spirit.

My work is about the confrontation and the ensuing struggle, the movements and the pains, the battles, the losses, the sacrifices and the triumphs.