Rob Hassan


After seeing a friend's (Leo Leibelman) artwork at the recent Comic Con I am inspired to pick up the brushes again and paint for the first time since going digital 10 years ago... 
My intent is to create a piece of artwork in the style of the great Frank Frazetta, To be seen as a tribute to the legendary and very influential artist.

Please see the attached image created as concept sketches created as study for a finished painted piece.

Idea/Description of the finished work

The final artwork
: A oil painting (approx 24" x 34") in the style and feel of Frank Frazetta's 1970's work.

The scene: A dense, lush  jungle with scattered ruins of a past ancient city. The sun is dropping just beyond the horizon/sunset

The characters: Featuring an over sized ferocious jungle animal attacking a hostile primitive tribe of men. The beast will be controlled by a sexy 'Queen Warrior' woman riding on the wild beasts shoulders.

The colors: Will be dictated by the pallet that Frazetta commonly used. Lush greens, passionate purples and burnt oranges.