Rob Benevides

"The Triumph of Mariposa"

"This piece caught my attention straight away.  A perfect composition of power and grace and great dynamic figure positioning." Simon Bisley


I have an innate desire to express myself visually.  I began making short films at age 10 and upon graduation from NYU film school, went on to a successful career as a special effects make-up artist and teacher.  Today, my creative tools of choice are the digital camera and Photoshop.  They allow me to be the artist I am; blissful, charged, and excited about the endless possibilities of my creativity. 

Through my mindís eye I create images that tell a story in one frame.  Always both visceral and ethereal, I embrace the macabre in my work.  Finding beauty in unusual places, I challenge the audience to do the same. I strive for realism and truth, even in the fantastical.  My work encompasses a wide range of disciplines including but not limited to photography, digital imaging, and special effects. My material of choice is the pixel, from capturing to manipulating to painting to printing.  

The Triumph of Mariposa is from my project Las Guerreras, which imagines female warriors throughout the ages based on fairy tales, legends and original stories.  Primal and exquisite, these women have no need for rescue.  They are their own heroes and victors, demanding the audienceís attention and commanding respect.


My latest work, Portions for Foxes examines those affected by the war in Afghanistan through the eyes of a female US Army MP.

It is my hope to inspire a call to adventure in all who view my work.