Paul Guzenko

Paul Guzenko is a freelance illustrator. He lives and works in Moscow, Russia. He graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts in 2002, where he studied classical oil painting, pencil drawing and paper book crafts, such as woodcutting, etchings, and lithographs. In 2009 he was awarded a PhD degree in Arts by VNIITE. The main subject of his work was outdoor graphic and drawing in advertising. 
From 2001 to 2006, Paul worked as a graphic designer in various design studios. In 2005, he had begun to draw illustrations, and by 2006 it had become his main activity. For the next four years he worked as an concept artist and illustrator. He developed the concepts for online games and covers for books and PC-games. Since 2007, the number of orders for his illustrations and book covers has been increasing. During this time, Paul developed his own  style and has drawn numerous illustrations in the genre of fantasy and adventure for game and book publishers. For example Paul has designed a number of covers for books written by such mystic writers as Charles Williams and classic horror writers as William Hope Hodgson. In 2008, he became a freelance illustrator and has started to work as a cover and interior artist for Paizo, Fantasy Flight Games, Sony, Akella and other publishing companies. Since then, he has made hundreds of covers and interior illustrations for games and books.  
Paul believes that storytelling is the most important task in an artistís work, and all efforts must be directed towards this goal. Paul usually draws with 2D digital software using a Wacom tablet. He begins from pencil drawings, and only after that creative work does he continue in color. During his work, he often uses additional sketches from real life as a reference. 
Paul Guzenko is optimistic about the future and grateful for all of the experiences that give him his job. His main goal is to get as many positive experiences as he can from what he does. He is constantly honing his abilities and discovering new possibilities to improve his drawing. Paul is always open for an exciting collaboration and new challenges in his work. 
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