Nacho Molina


Hi, my name is Nacho Molina and I'm from Spain, I work as painter, concept artist and illustrator. One friend send me the info of these Tribute Exhibition. Frazetta is one of my favorite artists and his work will be present in my mind, I really enjoy with his creations so I will be proud if I can take part in this tribute. I hope that you like it ;)
Title: Dark Kingdom, Frazetta Tribute
Artist: Nacho Molina.    Valencia (SPAIN)
Technique: Digital (Photoshop)

Nacho Molina is a young illustrator and artist born in Spain. He studied at the San

Carlos Fine Arts university of Valencia where he specialized in traditional oil painting

and several drawing techniques.

He has worked as a traditional artist exhibiting his work in art galleries and walls of

several companies and particulars, in different cities of his native country (El Corte

Inglés, Bancaja, Valencia Post Office Chamber) and several events related to comics

and video games (Granada ComicCon'09, International Market 3DWIRE 3D animation

and video games, Almería ComicCon'2010).

Furthermore, Nacho Molina entered the world of digital painting with his early work as

a freelance illustrator for Fantasy Flight Games with whom today he continues to work

with occasionally.

In less than a year his work has been seen regularly in many publications of several

well-known RPGs and collectible card game publishers, and popular franchises such as

A Game of Thrones, Warhammer, Call of Cthuluh, etc.

In 2009 he teamed up with Arka Studio productions to do the promotional poster for

their latest film "When Apollo met Dionysus" and some conceptual designs for their

upcoming project "The Oath of the Wolf."

He also illustrated the cover and content of Eric Wilson’s book "The Ghost of

Lunenburg Manor", published by Bromera Publishing and "Gothic", published by the

Canadian Insmouth Press. He’s joined in some renowned artbooks such as Expose 8

from Ballistic Publishing and The Art of A Game of Thrones published by FFG.

In April 2010 he was hired by Luminous Arts as a concept artist for the design of the

main characters of the new Iphone remake of the video game Dungeon of Doom. He has

also worked on diverse advertising projects with Contrapunto and Mushroom Co. for


Currently he is working as a concept artist for Imperial Design LLC and its new movie

project The Citadel, as cover artist for a new series of Image publishing, for the World

of Warcraft LCG from Blizzard and some others.

His work can be seen regularly at