Michael Suiter

Death of a God III

The heavens came alive and
Worlds were molded.
First a thought,
Then creation with a measured touch.
Men of sculpted muscle,
Women of curvaceous beauty,
Savage beasts without mercy.
Lands untamed, armed with
Jagged, snow covered peaks,
lush humid jungles
And dry, waterless seas of scorching heat.

Powerful demons spawned from dismal
fears of sub consciousness.
Evil straining against cold black shadows,
As magik churns within a sorcerers book.
Heroes born from pain and strife.
Villians defeated, drained of life,
In a fury of vivid light and colors.

The god keeps his vigil.

As a warrior walks the land
In search of meaning and purpose,
The sky suddenly turns cold and dark.
The land shakes and trembles.
Life comes to a stand still as
The last of the energy strikes forth
From the heavens,
and the warriors head
is thrown back in anguish.
He knows
its the,
Death of a Godů

Tribute to Frank Frazetta.

Poem Copyright 2010 by Michael Suiter,