Justin Hampton

'Queens of the Stone Age' Tokyo, Japan
This image was originally created as a screenprint for the band 'Queens of the Stone Age' for their 2002 concert in Tokyo, Japan.  I created it in ode to another lost great and fellow Conan artist; John Buscema.  I decided to submit this piece as it was done in the spirit of giving homage to the lost greats of a now bygone era.  Frazetta sparked visions in literally generations of aspiring artists and I think his work always will.  There will never be another like Frank Frazetta but we can all hope to reach for a glimmer attaining a fraction of what he accomplished in his prolific life.
Justin Hampton, Portland, Oregon

'Voodoo Lady'
This screenprinted image was created in the spirit of the mysterious jungle women that Frazetta created.   In this case a swamp woman; Voodoo Lady. 
Justin Hampton, Portland, Oregon