Jaime Carrillo


My name is Jaime Carrillo and I'd like to submit my piece Thor for the Frazetta Tribute Exhibition.

In trying to keep with the specifications of the competition, I looked to paint a piece that would evoke the feeling of a Frazetta without being a copy of his style. For this I looked at not only Frazetta pieces, but also those that were influenced by him.
I studied paintings by Brom, Frank Cho, and Jeffrey Jones in an attempt to get a feel for what they took from his works and almost without exception it was strong composition and use of color. A friend suggested the theme with the posit: With the Thor movie coming out next year, how would Frazetta treat the subject if he took the assignment for the movie poster? Without trying to mimic his style, I attempted to generate the feel of a Frazetta, keeping detail to a minimum and focusing on composition and feeling, using the lessons I gleaned from both him and those he influenced.

Thank you for considering my submission,