J. Edwin Stevens

I always loved the Frazetta woman she is a strong and powerful figure who seemed to just dominate the scenes she was in. Accompanied by her big cats she was always a force to be reckoned with. I wanted to try and capture that essence of a Frazetta woman in my piece.

I tried to pay special attention to the work of Frazetta the colors and compositions used, but most especially the style of facial features of the women right down to the pouty faces and cat like eyes. And of course the very revealing and usually sensual bodies they had.

While working on this it was told to me that she would be way too cold to be standing there wearing so little, but I thought about it and realized a Frazetta girl wouldn’t care about a little chill; she is too badass for that, and that is the essence of a Frazetta woman. A woman filled with power and confidence.

Frazetta and his work were always a great influence to me.  It is thanks to him that the genre of fantasy illustration is what it is today and artists like me can do that which we love the most.


J. Edwin Stevens is an acclaimed fantasy illustrator whose work brings to life the realm of fantasy like no other. He has done work for the properties of major gaming companies such as Fantasy Flight Games and AEG and is currently working on more fantasy illustrations and even some graphic novels for companies such as McFarland Publications.

His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and Imagine FX magazine; he has also taught at both the Ringling College of Art and Design and Syracuse University.

J. Edwin’s passion for books, games, and other media are what have helped to inspire his art, especially Dungeons and Dragons and of course the work of the late great Frank Frazetta.  It was the introduction to this realm of fantasy and role-playing that set J. Edwin onto the path of fantasy art.           

"...part of the next upcoming wave of promising fantasy illustrators. His unique sense of storytelling, dynamic composition and bold design put him on top of the list of ones to watch out for."  - Scott Altmann                                           

“Stevens is incorruptible and moving fast towards some indefinable future. A lot of heart here. Spoon it up, fork it up and rub your tummy and burp. It’s good for you. Burn the canvases, eat the paint, this is the New Wave of Fantasy.” - Steven Cerio