Donald Husband

"The Moon and the Swordswoman"
I have sent in two drawings here for the "Tribute to Frank Frazetta Group Art Exhibition".  These two drawing are inspired from the thought of Franks love of action and of beautiful women in the moonlight.  My plan is to take these two drawing and put them into their own oil painting; the only slight modifications that might take place will be generally compositional in nature to support the flow of the picture.

One of my all time favorite pictures was I believe is referred to as "The Moons Capture" by Frank Frazetta, where a young maiden stands in the tree tops gazing at the moon.  My idea "The Moon and the Swordswoman” will hopefully convey the way he painted beautiful and strong women. The pale blue moon light upon a woman warrior deep in thought and resting upon her sword.  Again not much in the way of the concept will change the possible exceptions of changing the moon size and some surrounding for the composition.

I have been painting for about 5 year as an amateur and was majorly inspired by Frazetta and Boris since I was a child.  These two masters of painting really were the ones to spur me to take up the craft of Oil painting, so in tribute of Frank Frazetta it’s my hope to try and bring out his style of painting in what I have learned in studying his work for so many years.  I doubt any one will ever capture a painting quite like Mr. Frazetta's but then where would the world of Fantasy Art be today without his famous work.