Diosdado Mondero


Aside from paying homage to Sir Frank Frazetta, I decided to paint one of my favorite rock band,
KISS... I will paint my own vision of the band, inspired from their classic album 'DESTROYER' or
maybe title mine 'DESTROYERS'. All for members will be painted in.....It sure will be an epic and
long process creating this on canvas. For now, I'm digitally laying out the roughs in photoshop with
the Wacom Cintiq before I initially do the oil painting.....Fun stuff.

I realized that I wouldn't be able to finish the three other members of KISS,
Because of unforeseen projects that filled most of my free time, I made the call to
submit Gene Simmons for now. It's the best I could do for submission....
If selected, I will continue and finish them all in the actual oil painting ready
for March exhibition.