Colin Throm

Thank you very much for organizing this tribute show. I do not know for sure if my image will be allowable under the terms of submission, so please give me a moment to explain...
I developed and selected this image through the usual thumbnailing process. I made a lot of rough sketches and picked the image I enjoyed the most. It was not until I was WELL underway with paints that I happened upon a very similar Frazetta image in my copy of "Icon". It was definitely an "oh shit" moment... I was too far in to change and didn't have enough time to start another painting. So I just went with it.
Believe me when I say this image was not CONSCIOUSLY based on Frazetta's "The Snow Giants". I was actually thinking about another famous image, "The Silver Warrior" (or maybe "Snow Bears") which are also winter/mountain scenes but different subject matter.
I hope that my painting will still be acceptable and allowable, but in any event I thank you again for this opportunity!
Highest Regards,
Colin C Throm